COA News and Announcements

We've updated our business hours for the Summer Semester! Our normal office hours are adjusted to 7:30-4:00, Monday-Friday. Due to reduced coverage during this time, you may want to give us a call if you plan on coming in the office! 515-294-1633

A new report is available in Workday to run your organization's current balance- please use ISU Financial Summary - Actuals to review your organization's current balance.

The previous report has been renamed ISU Financial Summary Balance Restricted Funds FY23 and Prior and will no longer be used to review the current period. See this guide for help.

Campus Organizations can now set up apparel fundraisers directly through Vernon!

This platform is designed for your organization to raise funds through the sale of apparel. You can offer t-shirts, V-necks, long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts through this platform. Each product will have a minimum margin of $5, meaning that each piece purchased raises at least $5 for your organization. If you would like to increase the margin for items, please work with The Vernon Company (contact information below) on a one-on-one basis. There are “good” and “better” options for each apparel item depending on the price point you are trying to hit. For the time being, you can put artwork on the front of the apparel item in up to three colors. The process for utilizing this platform is outlined below:

  1. Design your artwork.
  2. Send the artwork to Vernon.
  3. Vernon will mock-up your artwork.
  4. Vernon sends artwork back to your organization.
  5. Your organization submits the artwork to ISU’s Trademark Office:
  6. The trademark office will approve or deny your request.
  7. If approved, forward the approval email to Vernon. If denied, start again from step 1.
  8. Work with Vernon on the length of time your pop-up storefront will be available.
  9. Vernon will design and complete the setup of your pop-up storefront.
  10. Customers order apparel during the designated time frame.
  11. Orders are fulfilled within 1-2 weeks of the storefront closing. The items can be sent directly to the customer or shipped to your organization for distribution.
  12. Vernon issues a check and provides final counts of apparel ordered. Please note that these checks and reports are mailed to the Campus Organization Accounting office.  The checks will be deposited into your account and a copy of the deposit slip and any reports will be emailed to the treasurer.


If you would like to see a sample pop-up storefront, please visit

If you would like to see samples of the apparel being offered, blank garments are available for review in the COA Office. 

The Vernon Company’s Contact information:

Rhonda Mock
Digital Sales Coordinator
The Vernon Company
D: 641-791-8589
C: 515-339-6947

The 2023-2024 Treasurer Training has been released in Canvas. As a reminder, each treasurer must complete Treasurer Training for the current academic year. The COA office will enroll new treasurers in the training as they are added into the Student Organization Database. 

We've added a new feature to our website- you can now request a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate or w-9 through our website's forms page!


Our Clover flex devices are available for your organization to borrow for collecting dues, making sales, or for collecting registrations! Get started through our Workday request