For Org Advisors

Student organization advisors are necessary to help guide students as they develop skills to manage an organization and we thank you for fulfilling this important role!  Our hopes are that you are able to provide some continuity for the group as they choose their adventures at Iowa State University.  On behalf of our office, we thank you for serving the university and these organizations as the students experience the workings of a complex institution and discover their way to becoming awesome leaders. Feel free to also review the treasurer training manual located under the “Training” heading above.  The Advisor Resources information from MU Student Engagement office below and the FAQ are great places to start.  If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to any one of us by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab.  We value you!

Frequently Asked Questions

T&H cards (as well as departmental p-cards) are prohibited from making any purchases on behalf of Student Organizations. Please see Procurement Services’ list of restrictions. For this reason, a campus organization cannot reimburse any charges made using a departmental p-card or T&H card.

The organization should pay for as much or the travel expenses as possible using the Campus Org. P-card (flights/hotels/meals). If planning to pay an honorarium, please have a contract created through Student Engagement prior to the event. Payments are then requested by the organization treasurer through the Miscellaneous Payment Request process attaching the contract.

Due to the differing funding policies of departmental vs. Campus Org funds, departments can support an organization’s activities after the organization has incurred the expense. Please work with the organization treasurer and the funding department to fill out and submit a Funding Request form to Finance delivery.

The student organization should pay the cost up front and then complete the Funding Request form to move any shared portion after the expense has posted.

What if the student group doesn’t have the funds to pay for the entire expense?

Please notify our office if funds will be coming from another area after the expense posts. We will allow the group to go cash negative for a short time pending another supporting fund source

It can vary! Our staff makes every effort to review all requests each day. If any request needs correction or an adjustment, it is sent back to the requestor. Please check in with the treasurer, who can review the approval process for any of their requests!

Scholarships are processed through the financial aid office using the scholarship form.

No, the student orgs purchase their items directly from vendors and do not utilize the university’s portals for purchasing goods.

No, this is a COA Purchase Order, which is a request through Workday. To complete this request, have the Treasurer follow the instructions in this document.

The advisor now has real time access to financial transactions and balances in Workday and so do you! Feel free to check out all of our Workday Resource Guides.