Student organization treasurers serve in one of the most important roles of any organization and it comes with a unique responsibility with extra privileges and duties that no other student officer will have. Please work together with your advisor to solve any financial questions as you go along and remember that the two of you are the fiscal officers for the organization and the group depends on you!  We have created this checklist to help you get started. 

  1. Plan on completing the current school year treasurer training in Canvas. Treasurer training is renewed and revised each August, so if your tenure as treasurer spans two school years, you will need to complete the training twice
    • Read through the Treasurer Manual
    • Familiarize yourself with the other modules
    • Take and pass the quiz with a 20/20
  2. Plans for making purchases for your organization
    • Only current officers may be cardholders! Former officer-cardholders should return the card to the COA office
    • Apply for p-cards for yourself or other officers who may need them through Workday
    • You should be enrolled in in p-card training in Canvas. Please plan on reviewing that course before picking up your new p-card or approving any transactions for your organization's other cardholders.
  3. Try running report in Workday (use your ISU login)
  4. Check out the status of your current or previous fiscal year Student Government funding (if funded)
    • Any unused funds from a previous year returned to Student Government will appear on your Transaction Detail as "SG FYXX Reconciliation"
    • Current Student Government funding is released by our office once all the previous year's reviewed are completed. These funds will appear on your Transaction Detail as "SG FYXX Reg Allocation"
  5. You may pick up a treasurer's verification card with your PG number on it (not required)